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Your sewer and drain lines are essential to your daily life. Whether you are washing dishes, showering, or flushing the toilet, your sewer and drain lines are doing the hard work behind the scenes.

If you notice any signs of trouble, contact Mayes & Sons Plumbing Co. for fast, reliable sewer repair and replacement services in Portage County. Our team of experienced plumbers specializes in a wide range of sewer repair and replacement services to address any sewer-related problems you may encounter.

Contact Mayes & Sons Plumbing Co. at (330) 366-8653 for 24/7 emergency service for sewer repair and replacement.

Comprehensive Sewer Services

At Mayes & Sons Plumbing, we understand the importance of a properly functioning sewer system for the safety and convenience of your home or business. 

We provide comprehensive sewer solutions, including:

  • Sewer Line Inspections: Our state-of-the-art video camera inspection technology allows us to thoroughly assess the condition of your sewer line. By identifying any blockages, leaks, or damaged sections, we can accurately determine the best course of action for repair or replacement.
  • Sewer Line Cleaning: If your sewer line is experiencing slow drains, gurgling sounds, or foul odors, it may be due to buildup or blockages. Our professional plumbers can perform thorough sewer line cleaning using hydro jetting or other specialized techniques to remove debris, tree roots, and other obstructions, restoring proper flow.
  • Sewer Line Repairs: Whether your sewer line has cracked, collapsed, or suffered damage from tree roots, our skilled plumbers are equipped to handle various repair methods. From trenchless pipe lining to traditional excavation, we will recommend the most suitable approach to restore your sewer line's functionality.
  • Sewer Line Replacement: In some cases, sewer line replacement is the best long-term solution, especially if the existing line is severely damaged or outdated. Our team will assess the condition of your sewer line and provide efficient and reliable replacement options tailored to your specific needs.

Signs of Trouble with Your Sewer Lines

You may not realize how often you use your sewer and drain lines until something goes wrong. The most common problem is a clog, which can be caused by anything from grease to a foreign object getting flushed down the toilet.

Sewer and drain clogs can also be caused by tree roots growing into your pipes, or even by large amounts of cooking grease that are not properly disposed of.

Other signs of trouble with your sewer or drain lines include:

  • Damp spots that appear on your walls or floors
  • A bad sewage or sewer smell in your home
  • Water that is backed up in your toilet
  • Your washing machine or dishwasher is not draining properly
  • Your yard is flooded with sewage water
  • Your toilet is running constantly

If you notice any of these problems, contact Mayes & Sons Plumbing Co. for prompt service. We will quickly diagnose the problem and provide you with a detailed estimate for the necessary sewer repair or replacement services.

What are the Different Methods for Sewer Line Replacement?

There are several methods for sewer line replacement, and the choice of method depends on factors like the condition of the existing sewer line, the local environment, and budget considerations. 

Here are some of the most common methods:

Traditional Excavation: This method involves digging a trench to access the old sewer line and then replacing it with new piping. It's the most traditional and often the most invasive method, as it can require significant excavation, resulting in potential disruption to your yard or landscape.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement: Trenchless methods are less invasive and can be more cost-effective in certain situations. 

There are two primary trenchless methods:

  1. Pipe Bursting: In this method, a new pipe is pulled through the existing pipe, fracturing the old pipe outward. This is an effective way to replace the sewer line without extensive digging.
  2. Pipe Lining (Cured-in-Place Pipe, CIPP): This involves inserting a flexible lining into the existing pipe and curing it in place with heat or chemicals. It creates a new, seamless pipe within the old one.

Directional Drilling (HDD - Horizontal Directional Drilling): This method is used when a new sewer line needs to be installed without extensive excavation. It involves drilling a small hole at one end and then using a directional drill to create a tunnel for the new pipe to follow.

Sliplining: Sliplining is a method where a smaller-diameter pipe is inserted into the existing sewer line, effectively creating a new, smooth interior surface.

Open-Cut Excavation: In situations where traditional excavation is required, open-cut excavation involves digging a trench along the length of the sewer line to remove the old pipe and install a new one. This method is necessary when other methods are not feasible due to the condition of the existing line.

Pipe Relining: Similar to pipe lining, this method involves creating a new lining within the existing pipe. It is often used in cases where the existing pipe is structurally sound but has minor issues like cracks or leaks.

Spot Repair: Instead of replacing the entire sewer line, spot repair involves fixing a specific section of the pipe that is damaged or problematic. This is a cost-effective option for minor issues.

Pipe Bursting with Replacement: In this variation of pipe bursting, the existing pipe is burst and replaced with a new pipe simultaneously. It's suitable for situations where the old pipe is severely damaged.

Cured-in-Place Lateral Lining: This method is used to repair smaller-diameter lateral sewer lines that connect to the main sewer line. It involves installing a new lining within the lateral.

The choice of sewer line replacement method should be based on a thorough assessment of your specific situation, including the condition of your existing sewer line, local regulations, and budget constraints. Consulting with a professional plumber or contractor is essential to determine the most appropriate method for your needs.

Why Choose Mayes & Sons Plumbing Co.?

Mayes & Sons Plumbing Co. is a family-owned business, and we take pride in our work and our customer service. We offer honest and straightforward pricing, and we are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

Our plumbers are highly trained, and we stand behind the quality of our workmanship. We also offer financing options for your sewer repair or replacement project.

Contact Mayes & Sons Plumbing Co. at (330) 366-8653 for a free estimate for sewer repair or replacement services.


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