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The sewer in your home works hard every day to flush the wastewater away from your house. Over time, it is perfectly normal for it to experience problems and require repairs. In some cases, your sewer system may even need to be replaced. Whether your kitchen sink is backing up, your toilet won’t flush, or you think you’re in need of a new line, the team at Mayes & Sons Plumbing has you covered. Our Cleveland sewer line plumbers have extensive experience and can confidently provide a solution.

Some common sewer problems include:

  • Broken or collapsed pipes resulting from shifting or freezing ground
  • Obstructed lines in need of being cleared
  • Uneven ground grades that lead to a collection of waste and debris in the line
  • Root intrusion that impedes sewer lines, often at the connecting joints

Our technicians are highly trained and certified in sewer and septic line repairs and replacements. Reach out to us at (330) 366-8653 to schedule a service.

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When you’re facing a plumbing problem of any magnitude, it’s very important that you don’t wait to contact a professional. Even if the issue seems minor, it could very well grow into a more complex and costly problem. In some cases, detecting the severity of a problem is difficult without the help of a plumber, as something that appears small may actually be much more extensive than you think.

  • Technicians Who Service, Not Up-Sell
    We work to solve your problem not sell you on something new. They do not work on any commission so let our team walk you through the right solution every time.
  • Honest Pricing
    We believe in transparency and our team is committed to giving you all pricing up-front so you always know what you are getting.
  • Family Owned & Operated
    From our family to yours, you will receive the kind of care we know you deserve. Let us take care of your home!
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Locating the Problem

If you’re unsure if or where you have a problem, trust our plumbers to locate the issue, if there is one. It could be somewhere in the yard – or under a concrete floor. We have the advanced equipment needed to uncover issues with your sewer lines without having to dig up your entire yard. If we do find a problem, we’ll be able to repair it with minimal disruption to your property.

A Fourth-Generation Plumbing Company

When you count on Mayes & Sons Plumbing, you’re getting more than just an ordinary plumbing team. You are getting an extensively experienced crew that has helped countless homeowners just like yourself get the sewer repairs and replacements they need in a timely and efficient manner.

Our team goes above and beyond. We can install “cleanouts” in your line to make it easier in the future to access the line for cleaning or repairs. We’ll only ever provide the services you need and won’t ever try to sell you anything that isn’t necessary. We are family owned and operated and dedicated to your satisfaction.

Schedule your next service with our Cleveland plumbers today! We proudly service Akron, Warren, and the surrounding areas.

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The team at Mayes & Sons Plumbing is standing by to assist you with your plumbing problems. Whether it’s something minor or a major problem, count on the plumbing professionals that offer four generations of experience to provide a quality, affordable solution. Reach out to us today!