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Mayes and Sons SOLVED my sewer problem
I had sewer insurance through the utility company. The utility sent Mayes and Sons to find the cause of the recent repetitive home sewer pipe blockage. The skilled technician snaked (120 feet) and then "camera imaged" the entire 160 foot run of the sanitary sewer. The problem was only at the first 90 degree turn where the clay tile pipe had broken extensively, about 12 ft South, in past the basement wall. This broken pipe lay under the cement pad floor of an addition put on the house. At this location my utility insurance would not cover. I spoke to our city building department and it would be permissible to run pvc sewer pipe inside my basement wall to eliminate the damaged leg of pipe under my family room addition. I got three quotes. The work was well defined and would need city approval/permit/and inspection. Price ranged widely. David Mayes gave me my best and lowest quote; and agreed to start rapidly. The two man crew came in the morning and worked constantly and skillfully to carry out the rerouting repair. I was very impressed by the focus and yet friendliness of the two man team. The city Inspector was pleased with the quality of the new installation. Mayes and Sons was the choice of plumbers by my utility company; and now they will always be my choice. I could have paid considerably more; but I would not have been given higher quality or better service than I received from Mayes and Sons.
- John P.
Outstanding Service
A team from Mayes and Sons was referred to my house because of an insurance claim. Even though the job became a bit more complicated than expected, adjustments were handled skillfully.I did not know of Mayes and Sons before this event, but I would recommend them to anyone. Service was timely, prompt, professional, courteous, and adapted to my request. Well done!!!
- Mary S.
This company has been around a long time I have had immediate service any service man that has been sent has been courteous they are an outstanding company I would recommend them to anyone.
- TJ R.
Prompt and Professional!!
Call these guys first! They were great!!!
- J. P.

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